PocketGames - Downloads

PocketGames will provide several packages to be downloaded.

As of today, two packages are provided:

  • The basic data types library, that includes Tuple and Maybe (optional), and will provide in the future types of the same kind.
  • The unsigned numers library, that includes UnsignedInt, UnsignedShort and UnsignedByte.
  • The lightsoff library, that includes data types for puzzles in this game, for the state while playing, and a controller of a MVC design that uses a View interface, so that ports to new platforms can be designed by just implementing the view.
Note that all packages run in PocketPC with Mysaifu JVM. If your View runs with that JVM, then the whole bunch should do as well.

The downloads area of the project has links to both source files and compiled files. The project page, as well as mailing lists, bug tracker, etc. is hosted at http://sourceforge.net/projects/pocketgames.

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